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2017 City of Dearborn (MI) Library Survey

                             2017 مدينة ديربورن (MI) مسح مكتبة


2017 National Citizen Engagement and Priority Assessment



2017 School Engagement and Priority Assessment


Supporting Decisions | Inspiring Ideas

Cobalt Community Research is a 501c3 nonprofit coalition created to help schools, governmental and other nonprofit organizations thrive as changes emerge in the economic, demographic and social landscape.

Learn more: 877-888-0209

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Note: Thank you to all communities, residents, parents, administrators and members of non-profit organizations across the United States.  Your participation in Cobalt's non-profit programs has allowed us to donate more than 9,000 meals to food pantry programs across the country.

The Great Lakes Economic Outlook Report - Now Available

This report reviews economic survey results for the states of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Access report here.


Health Care Research

Public Employers Grappling to Understand ACA and Contain Health Costs

A new report explores public employers' implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ongoing efforts to manage health costs and other post-employment benefits (OPEB) liabilities.

The report, Health and OPEB Funding Strategies: 2014 National Survey of Governments, shares the experiences and efforts of 1,536 municipalities, school districts, state governments, and others from across the United States. 2014 is the 6th year of the study. To see the 2014 report, please click here.